Ms. Tara has been teaching piano since 2001 in Calgary, Alberta.  She has taught over 250 students and some of them are now piano teachers themselves working in their own studios.  She has a passion for music and has found ways to keep teaching online lessons through this Covid-19 pandemic.

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If you are interested in piano or theory lessons, or have any questions, I want to hear from you!

My Qualifications and Experience


Royal Conservatory of Music 

I am an RCM qualified piano and theory instructor since 2002. I have put hundreds of students through the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations and they have done phenomenal work for me! 5 of my students have become piano teachers under me and some of them now work in their own studios.

Theory Experience

I have taught beginner to advanced levels of theory since 2001.  Theory courses I have taught include Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Rudiments, Harmony, History, Counterpoint.  Currently these theory programs are now called level 1 - level 10 in RCM theory examinations.

In my studio, I use the RCM books, Vandendool, and Piano Adventure books for theory work.  I also create my own theory pages for students to access through my website.  I try to tailor the Theory Experience to what the student wants to learn based on the goals they want to accomplish during their lessons.

Practical Experience

I have completed my Level 8 exams in Royal Conservatory of Music (back in 2001).  I have taught lessons in Calgary from September 2001 - June 2013 (I moved to the United States).  I came back in May 2015 and have continued teaching lessons in Calgary until today. 

Before the pandemic in March 2020, I implemented 2 recitals every year for the students to perform for their families and friends.  I also held Masterclasses at my studio 8 times throughout the year to teach performance and let the students get to know one another.  I am looking into using Zoom or Discord to set up a few Masterclass lessons during the year.

Other Relevant Experience

In 2012, I graduated at the University of Calgary with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology.  My degree focused on child psychology and I also took many classes on learning music. and different ways to teach students with special needs (including autism. ADHD, and learning disorders).  Through my experience with teaching through the years, I have found that learning and practicing music can greatly improve English and math scores for the students.  Many students are also excited to hear that learning technique on the piano can also improve video game skills.

I have also learned and taught basic guitar lessons and theory, as well as voice lessons.