N2D Clip In Hair Care

washing n2d clip in hair extensions

At ​N2D.ca we strive to offer the Highest Quality Synthetic Clip In Extensions. Our selection has a wide variety of beautiful styles, vibrant colors, and the ability to be cared for and curled. 

Although we DO NOT recommend washing N2D.ca Clip In Hair Extensions, However If the NEED arises we suggest the following steps:

  1. Wash hair using COLD water with a small amount of conditioner (the colder, the better).

  2. Hang dry only.

  3. Make sure hair is completely dry before brushing or combing to avoid breakage.

  4. Once hair is dry, comb to desired style using a wide tooth comb.

  5. Extensions may be styled with specific curling irons.
    - Temperatures must remain under 300˚F (150˚C) -

  6. Styling works best when removing the iron and styling your hair with your fingers. Allow the hair to cool for a few seconds before removing your fingers from hair.

N2D.ca is not responsible for any allergies or allergic reactions caused by the oils, coloring, or hair materials used in N2D.ca Clip In Hair Extensions.

N2D.ca is not responsible for fading or discoloration of N2D Clip In Hair Extensions caused by usage.

Due to hygienic reasons all sales are considered final.

curling n2d clip in hair extensions