History of Hair: The Glamour Wave - Iconic Hairstyle of the 1940s (How to included) 2021

Crowned by the notorious Marilyn Monroe, who is argued to be the most influential sex symbol of the 40’s. Miss Monroe's Glamour Wave was one of, if not her most memorable aesthetic. When you think of Marilyn Monroe you think of Red lipstick, and HAIR!

Marilyn Monroe's blonde waves worked flawlessly as a key part of her image. But why did it work so well?

Glamour Waves will accentuate a round face, rather than a skinnier long face. Marilyn Monroe’s iconic 1940s hairstyle featured platinum blonde hair, roughly chin-length, with a lot of volume and bounce. Marilyn's Glamour Waves typically featured fewer but larger curls. This sensational hairstyle goes well with bright red lipstick and jet black eyeliner.

The Glamour wave is one of the most iconic hairstyles from the 1940s. Even today the Glamour Wave remains a style favorite.

The Glamour Wave has been part of the red carpet longer than most celebrities! Some of the most influential women of current times that have rocked the Glamour Wave look are Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Rachel McAdams just to name a few (in a very long list of celebrities).Without a doubt Marilyn Monroe has defined a look that will stand the test of time. The Glamour Wave look has been a source of inspiration to create beautiful, ultra-glam forties hairstyles of today.

How to style your OWN Glamour Wave style (No matter what kind of hair you have).

If you have Wavy hair:

1. Working with damp hair, massage a generous amount of mousse from roots to roughly two inches above the tips.

2. Blow-dry while using a flat brush.

3. Create a side part then separate the hair into four sections; one part for the front center, another back center, then left, and right. 4. Start in the front by curling roughly one inch pieces from about ear level to the tips. We'd suggest using a half inch curling iron.

5. You'll Pin each curl in order to set the Glamour Wave,

6. Repeat on both sides.

7. For the curls in the back there's no need to pin those to have a bit more bounce its better to have them be a little loose.

8. Once the curls have cooled, remove clips and brush through.

9. Finally, apply some serum/oil and hairspray in place.

If you have Curly hair:

1. We'd suggest applying some heat-protecting smoothing cream to your hair.

2. Blow dry while using a round brush until your hair is smooth, PRO TIP: You can use a shot of cool air to prevent frizz.

3. Part the hair, then follow the curl then pin tutorial outlined for wavy hair above.

4. Apply some serum/oil and hairspray in place.

If you have Straight hair:

1. Working with damp hair, build a bit of texture (we'd suggest a sea salt spray before blow-drying).

2. Part your hair and continue with the Wavy Hair instructions listed above however for straight hair we suggest using a quarter inch iron instead. We want those smaller curls to hold.

3. Tease your hidden layers of hair for volume, and finish with a strong holding spray.

If you have Short hair:

1. To get those pretty little finger waves on shoulder-length hair, blow dry your hair first,

2. Part, then wind the parted sections around a one inch curling iron. start at ear level, bending the ends under very slightly. If the bottom gets too curly, be mindful not to curl the ends too much (Unless you want that type of look).

and vualá! Perfectly, bouncy Glamour Waves of your very own!

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