Using Clip In Extensions to create an updo. And Hair Guide 2021

Your hair is the crown you'll never take off, so accessorize and make your style unique! With N2D Clip In Hair Extensions its never been easier to add a little color, length and volume to your already beautiful head of hair.

Below is a very quick and easy to read visual tutorial on one way you can use our clip in extensions to create a fun updo with some extra color.

N2D Clip in extensions ponytail how to
How to create a ponytail with clip in extensions

We used 1 14" Bombshell Clip and 2 16" Crimson Clips. Having blonde hair to work with already the bombshell clip was added to boost the visibility and to add some volume. Clip the expression extensions onto the back of your head, just below where you want your ponytail and let your own natural hair down overtop. Gather your hair at ponytail height and put the hair elastic on the ponytail side (keeping the expression clips underneath) Secure your hair in place and you will now have your own unique ponytail.

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