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Each set includes 2 Expression Clips

All Styles available in 14", 16", 18", 20"


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N2D Expression Clip Ins sells both Full head extensions as well as exciting single clip in pieces. Our Expression Clips are the ultimate hair accessory with unlimited mix and match potential. Every set includes 2 expression clips that are extremely easy to use. Simply clip the expression clips into your hair for an exciting change to your look!

Professional, Classy, Sexy and Fun. Its that easy!

Our extensions are made with High Quality Synthetic Hair. 

Our goal is to provide the easiest way to buy the most exciting, highest quality, non-damaging and non-permeant hair accessory.

Our Clip In Extensions are extremely easy to use, style-able and washable. Giving you endless possibilities to mix-and-match to match your style. Removable hair extensions are perfect for thin and thick hair and provide a low profile, seamless addition.

Our Clip Ins are available in 4 base or "Classics" colors Including: Black (Onyx), Burgundy (Crimson),  Ashe Blonde (Pearl), and Blonde (Bombshell) "Originals" collection is a large selection of unique colors and styles.

All Originals, GLOW, Just the Tip, and Seasonal Clip In Hair Extensions are hand designed and may vary slightly from what you see on

N2D Blonde hair extensions, Black hair extensions, Red hair extensions, and All multicolored clip in hair extensions are available in lengths of 14", 16", 18", and 20".

Brunette extensions are coming soon.

N2D Expression Single Piece Clip in Hair Extensions weights vary from 7g to 14g (Depending on Length) and are sold in pairs

N2D Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions vary weights vary from 35g to 50g (Depending on Length)

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